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Pre-Operative Instructions

We ask that these instructions be followed exactly as suggested.

Pre Operation Instructions

The following instructions are for your own comfort and safety, therefore we ask that they be followed exactly as suggested.

  1. Please fill and take any necessary medications prior to surgery. This includes antibiotics for heart problems and hip replacements, to begin the day before your surgical appointment.
  2. The child should be accompanied by a responsible adult who can provide transportation to and from the office.
  3. Have soft, cold foods prepared after surgery (cold soup is good) with plenty of ice cold water or tea.

If you are being sedated, these additional instructions need to be the followed:

  1. Please refrain from any solid foods the day of surgery.
  2. Please arrange for transportation to and from the office the day of surgery.
  3. If you wear contact lenses, please take them out before surgery and place in the solution.
  4. Plan on returning home and relaxing that day of surgery.
  5. Please wear comfortable clothes.

If necessary to cancel your appointment, we would appreciate a 3 day notice.


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