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Post-Operative Instructions

Follow theses instructions for a speedy and healthful recovery.

Post Operative Instructions


Some discomfort is normal following periodontal surgery. It is best to begin taking the Pain Medication before the anesthesia wears off, and be sure to take it exactly as prescribed.



Capillary oozing for several hours after surgery is normal. Cold, strong ice tea or ice water held in the mouth will help reduce this problem. If the area can be detected, a wet tea bag or a piece of wet gauze held on it with direct pressure for several minutes will usually control the bleeding. If uncontrollable bleeding occurs, contact out office.



Swelling after periodontal surgery is normal and may increase up to 4 days. It should go down after this time. Cold packs or ice packs on and off in 20 minute intervals soon after surgery may reduce swelling. Applied heat after 48 hours is better to help swelling go down once it has occurred. The face may feel warm to the touch or you may run a slight fever for a day or two.



The material around your teeth is an intra-oral dressing to cover the operated areas and the sutures that were placed. The loss of small or large pieces is not much concern, unless the area becomes uncomfortable, then please contact our office.



It is very important to EAT WELL (a well balanced diet) to insure proper healing. Diets rich in quality protein, vitamin C and B complex are especially desired. If you are unable to chew, solid supplements are available (i.e. Nutriment, Metrical, Instant Breakfast). For the first 24 hours, please eat only cold, soft foods, with plenty of cold fluids. Then gradually return to your normal diet. We have a cookbook in the office, especially for your convenience.



During the healing, oral rinsing can be effective for surgical areas; however, not a substitute for proper brushing and flossing in untreated areas. After 24 hours, please use warm salt-water soaks twice a day.



Please refrain from smoking for at least 72 hours.



Avoid spitting or drinking through a straw, as not to disturb the blood clot for at least 3-4 days.


We do not expect any complications; however, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.


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