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Functional Crown Lengthening

Functional crown lengthening will improve your smile and your periodontal health.

There are periodontal procedures that are available to lay the groundwork for your restorative and cosmetic dentistry and or to improve the health and esthetics of your smile. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that reshapes the gum tissue and the underlying bone surrounding one or more teeth so that an adequate amount of healthy tooth is exposed.


Crown lengthening is often added as a part of your treatment plan for a tooth that is going to be fitted for a crown. This will provide the necessary space between the supporting bone and crown, this will prevent the new crown from damaging the gum tissue and bone. Our doctors or your general dentist may also recommend crown lengthening to make a restorative procedure possible.


If a tooth is badly worn, decayed, or factured below the gum line, this procedure will adjust the gum and bone level to gain access to more of the tooth so it can be restored.


The benefits to functional crown lengthening will not only help optimize your health and appearance, but will improve your smile and your periodontal health which are keys to smiling, eating and speaking with comfort and confidence.